Reorganise previous Unique Notes

Currently I have the following “Unique prefix format” setting:


I would like to change that to:


If I change the setting now, I understand that my previous Unique Notes will not be moved to reflect the new prefix setting. Is it possible to reorganise old Unique Notes to adapt to a new “prefix format” setting ?

Another point is updating links. Since the unique notes have the prefix YYYYMMDD-HHmm I suspect few of them have same names (so links are specified by full paths). But it would be nice a script took care of this too.

This is possible through the command line, to rename batches of files. It depends on your OS, though. I don’t know if it is or isn’t possible in Obsidian, though.

You want to do the rename within Obsidian in order for links to be updated. I suggest using Templater, loop over all files within the folder, and move them one by one with a check to see if it exists already (and handle that case). It might be useful to let the script take its time in order for the rename/relink bit to happen.


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