Renewing Obsidian Sync Affecting My Synced Vault

Hello I am a fairly new Obsidian user who has been using only one vault for the meantime. This vault has been connected thought the sync feature as I use this vault daily and in many different locations which means different devices. For the past few days my Obsidian Sync feature has been turned off as my BCSC (Broke College Student Card) has declined the charge that would have made it an overdraft.

I have written out an important amount of information on this single vault for a few days after my Sync feature has stopped. This would mean that the data written was only saved on my desktop version of the vault (where i first purchased and started the sync).

My question is this, I am about to renew my sync subscription and I wanted to know what would happen to the “offline” data that was written (in the meantime of no sync) on my main computer of this vault. Will my “unsynced” data be deleted and will the sync subscription renewal revert my synced vault to what it was right before the subscription cancelled? (that sounds a little dumb but i just needed to write out a full scenario lol)

I am still taking the safest approach by backing up that vault before I renew my subscription, but I am still looking forward to an answer to this situation. It will help me understand the amount of data that has been deleted/changed once I first see my already-synced vault in effect. Thanks in advance!

(apologies for any computer illiteracy in my vocab/grammar i am only freshman cs student :smiley: )

Nothing bad should happen to your vault.

However, it is always a good idea to have a backup. Even a simple copy of the directory that contains your vault in your desktop will be enough.


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