renderMarkdown not executing post-passes of code blocks?

I feel like I may just be using the renderMarkdown function incorrectly and could use some advice.

for context I’m trying to make a plugin that can grab chunks from other notes and run them though the processing steps to produce the html or plain text resulting from stuff like dataviewjs and jsx plugin codeblocks.

# Data
dv.el("b", "BolD");


const {data} = meta.sections("_run/");

const text = await data.html;
dv.el("div", text);

in get html: (full code: obsidian-metadata-api-plugin/sections.ts at master · Meep-Tech/obsidian-metadata-api-plugin · GitHub)

          await MarkdownRenderer.renderMarkdown(

          return this._htmlContainer

I made a tiny test but I can’t get it to work sadly. I can debug into the renderMarkdown function to see this._mdPlainText is correct at the time it’s called, but i can’t track why it’s jumping out of execution early or why it’s not rendering correctly despite seeming to go into the dataviewjs processor registered with registerMarkdownCodeBlockProcessor

The resulting this._htmlContainer element ends up just containing: <span></span> as a result of the awaited promise.

Am I potentially missing a function to fully await all of the post process renderers? Any advice would be greatly appreciated, Thanks!