Render remote (out of vault) markdown in local view

Picture this common scenario:

  • You have ongoing, data heavy projects on GitHub and on your local drive
  • They each have their own which acts as the main document for each project
  • You want to add these documents to Obsidian (just the READMEs, not the sources)
  • You don’t want to copy them manually into your vault

Basically, this is about linking. It would be nice to see external markdown files as rendered notes within the vault as if they were inside it, but they actually exist somewhere else on your machine, e.g. updating /home/j/repos/project_xyz/ would cause a “link”-note within Obsidian at /home/j/docs/project_vault/project_xyz_LINK to update as well, because it is pointing to that file. I’m thinking of a possible link header which renders not the local content, but the content the link is pointing to.

It is very likely that such a solution exists, but I couldn’t find it yet, I’m new to Obsidian.

Please note, this is not about Obsidian Sync or GitHub sync for Obsidian. No sync takes place here, updating data from GitHub would happen via a manual pull.