Render open notes as a ring in Graph View

Use case or problem

In the full graph view, it can be difficult to find your way around large graphs. The Local Graph of course helps. But for example, if you want to find a file that is already open, it can be difficult.

Proposed solution

I propose a method of rendering currently open files with a different geometry. I propose a ring. It stands out, regardless of color (More intuitive. And accessible for color vision deficiency). A ring would be reminiscent of an eye in view, or an O for “open”.

Being able to see multiple open files in the full graph might help you see their relationship to each other in the whole network.

These mock up images are showing Local Graph. (I think this would be nice in Local Graph too!)


But I hope you can see how visually impactful this would be on a giant graph. This is a poor mockup, but:

Current workaround (optional)

Rely on the local graph more.

Related feature requests (optional)

In this old thread, we were talking about rendering the current note differently in Local Graph. Shortly thereafter, the feature was added to render the current note in a different color. So the workaround is to use local graphs more often. I made this ring suggestion there. But I think it would be especially useful in the main graph view. There should be a different way to display current note in Local graph - #5 by rigmarole



It is difficult for me to find the current note in the graph.

Proposed solution

I would therefore suggest a marker for the current note - a purple ring.

Current Note

If there should subsequently be a button to center the view around the current note, you could animate the ring briefly immediately after centering to draw attention to it. The animation could be a brief increase and then decrease of the ring. The power-ups from Super Metroid (SNES) come to mind. :slight_smile:

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