Render math in links

Would it be possible to make math render in links? Essentially I am talking about the following displaying the rendered x at the last line and not $x$.

$$x = 10$$


Use case or problem

I am reading a lot of scientific papers with maths where variables all have some specific complicated meaning. With wikilinks I could use block referencing, such that when I type the variable and hover over I can see what it means. This would be great when the variable is a complicated expression.

Proposed solution

Make math mode renderable in links? I don’t know if this is complicated or simple.

Current workaround (optional)

Right now I am defining the variable at the top of the note and then link the definition with block referencing to one of the other words in the text. For example

“… then we see that the [[#^fftest|$x$variable]] x is not identifiable…”

Related feature requests (optional)

This is the closest I have found as a request. It is, however, the opposite direction of linking.. I think that what the person suggests might be really hard to implement in the latex environment but I hope that the reverse direction would be different.

I am not sure but is this similar?