Render markdown inside html

I’ve recently wanted to make a few columns in some of my markdown pages. I got some kind of a wiki which gathers a lot of notes of related subjects.

I’ve encountered an issue when applying my columns with html and a little css. The html is processed but the markdown inside it won’t render.

I think is a necessary feature because is kind of weird to have a large thin list of items in a normal/large monitor. I am also open to a workaround with pure markdown.

Hi @Alejandro - I recently wanted to create a real looking food label with tables and didn’t know how. I searched the forum and found this: Custom CSS for tables - 5 New styles, ready to use in your notes by @DeaconLight

If you look through his CSS you will find many selectors for markdown tables that you can address with CSS. Or just use one of his 5 fantastic styles!

Markdown tables themselves are no more than

You cannot do nested tables, but with some smart thinking you can achieve a lot!

I do advice you to install the Advanced Tables plugin , it will help you a lot.

This is my simple markdown table “code”

and with CSS that looks like this

PS Obsidian is a markdown editor/viewer, not html. You can use html inside your note, but using markdown tables is not a workaround, but rather the way to go :slight_smile:

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