Render latex in Callouts / Admonitions in Live Preview

Use case or problem

I often write latex math into admonitions / callouts. Whenever I do so, however, the math doesn’t render in live preview:

despite the fact that live preview usually displays callouts that you’re editing as if they were quote blocks, which do render latex:

Proposed solution

Just have live preview treat admonition boxes the same way it treats quote boxes and render latex in them.

Current workaround (optional)

If the math is sufficiently complicated that I don’t want to deal with not being able to see a preview, I sometimes write it first as a quote block and then only add the [!Proof] part when I’m done.

Related feature requests (optional)


Are you certain that it does not work as expected? I have just given a try to the same block of text:

> [!proof]
> We clearly have that $a+b=c$. and thus that $$e^{i \pi}+1=0$$. **Q.E.D.**

and it has been properly rendered in the Live Preview:


It renders it fully and correctly in the live preview when your cursor is outside it, but while you’re editing the admonition it displays in live preview basically the same way a quote block does, except for the fact that it doesn’t render the latex.

+1, I specifically came to the forum today to request this (I’ve been using the same workaround, too).

+1 I have the same problem

Hi all, my plugin LaTeX-like Theorem & Equation Referencer (previously called “Math Booster”) will remove your headaches.

Also, I wrote another plugin that focuses on this specific problem, so I will remove this feature from LaTeX-like Theorem & Equation Referencer in the near future.

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