Renaming Wikilink filename header breaks the link to the embedded heading section

I really appreciate the ability to embed an entire paragraph or page (embeds both headline and body text below that headline) into another page by using:

![[Some filename#Some heading]]

But if I change the text in “Some heading” directly in the linked to note, then the link to the embedded heading section is broken.

I have learned, that the workaround is to use the “Rename this heading” command and menu option, when I put my cursor on a heading. That can be used to rename and update links at the same time.

And that works beautifully except in this case:

Some of my H1 headings are # [[file name]] created by # [[{{title}}]] in a template. When I use the Rename function to rename that heading it changes both the heading and the file name itself beautifully, but it breaks the embed link to the header used in another note.

Is there anyway to get around that, is it bad practice to use # [[{{title}}]] in a heading, or is it a bug?

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