Renaming Remote Vault

Would love the ability to easily rename my remote vault. One of my vaults has changed in purpose and now it is quite confusing when connecting from a new machine.

Only solution that currently exists is to delete the remote vault and then create a new one but seems excessive.

I agree with this request. There is another thread on this forum where @whitenoise says this is not possible; you can only delete it. They provide the opinion that there is no functional utility in renaming a vault. I don’t see it this way; it’s risk mitigation, if nothing else, and convenience. For $10/month, it’s a simple request that seems like base functionality.

WhiteNoise also tagged this FR as “valuable”. That doesn’t offer any guarantee it will be added, or any timeline. But it’s an indication that it will be considered. (I don’t know. I’m not a dev.)

There are many other priorities and feature requests in progress too.