Renaming note in the title issues

There are issues with Renaming note in the title functionality:

it looks like this is a special panel to rename the file and user expects usual behaviour: you can press Esc after making changes and before you hit Enter to cancel the rename process. But this does not happens and every change you made immediately affects the file name (even if you never confirmed the changes by pressing Enter). I see that actually Renaming note in the title acts exactly as plain text editing, but why there is no Undo when you want to cancel the renaming?

So, I’m pretty sure: you should implement usual ‘input pane’ behaviour (name is not changed until user hits Enter) or add Undo if it is just a plain text editing.

BTW: there are typos in Renaming note in the title section in the docs, which you may want to fix:


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Additional information

Will be adding ESC to cancel rename and revert back in the next release.

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This is sort of related to this feature request. If you defaulted the cursor to the note area instead of the heading then it would decrease the times people edited the title by accident.

That will be changed for the next release!

Pressing enter in the title field still inserts a new line in the note (0.64, Mac)

Would be nice to have a shortcut to go to the title field (cmd+L is what I’m used to).

Will fix in 0.6.6