Renaming file seems to change itslocation

What I’m trying to do

I renamed a file in my root folder. Afterward a link to the file looked like this ../s 216 seeming necessitation. I thought that meant the note had been moved to the new notes folder. Instead is was still in the root folder, where I want it.

But what does ../s 216 seeming necessitation mean?

  1. …/s 216 seeming necessitation

Things I have tried

Found nothing in the help or here on this

Do you perhaps have Files & Links → “New link format” set to “Relative path to file”?

My guess is that you do. And so the ../ is saying that the linked note is a directory higher up (closer to root) than the note containing the link.

If so, then if you made a link in a note that was in a 2nd subfolder it would be [[../../s 216 seeming necessitation]]

Yep, “new link” format is “relative path to file.” And yes, if I understand, the linked file is in the root, the note containing the link is in an immediate subfolder of the root.

What would this link look like if I changed the link format to “absolute path to file”? Is there any reason to change the new link format?

My vault has five immediate subfolders. I would like to have just four. But a lot would be lost if I converted the notes of one folder to content of a single file.

Try it and find out — it only affects new links.

Thanks. Often the best answer. At least to some of my questions.

But no way to change existing links?

Not built in. Maybe there’s a plugin. If not, You’d have to do search-replace (or just change them as you encounter them).

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