Renaming an exisiting file with different cases is prevented

Steps to reproduce

  1. Create a file (e.g. “macOs”).
  2. Change one of the cases of the file name (e.g. “macOs"→"macOS”).
  3. Blur the text input.

Expected result

Obsidian renames the document to “macOS”.

Actual result

Obsidian complains that the file name already exists.


  • Operating system: Android, Galaxy Note 10+
  • Debug info: no debug info.

Additional information

Obsidian must compare old/new file names in a case insensitive way. This is a bit annoying when creating a filename that autocorrects to something whose capitalisation needs to be modified.

this might be an Android thing, not specifically Obsidian. I also have a Galaxy Note 10+ and just tried to edit a file in my native files app to capitalize the first letter, and received a “file already exists” error.

I understand why certain OSes are case insensitive, but this is a slight annoyance for me too, especially on Windows. my not-so-efficient solution is to just delete a letter from the file name that I needed to change anyway, then rename that file with the correct cases.


Indeed, I am unable to reproduce this on iOS, so it must be an Android issue. Sorry. ;<

Why was this put into the graveyard? If it still affects Android users, shouldn’t it be left open?

As the user above suggests, it is an issue with the Android file system, not something Obsidian’s devs can fix.

Ah, I see. All good! Perhaps an update to Android will allow it be fixed.

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