Renaming a plugin that is already in 'Community plugins'?

Is there any precedence for renaming a plugin that already exists in ‘Community plugins’?

Here’s the scenario. My plugin, ‘Dropbox Backups’, has over 50 users now, which means I have to submit it for ‘production’ approval to Dropbox. Dropbox’s guidelines don’t allow the name ‘Dropbox’ in the title. Obsidian’s guidelines don’t want ‘Obsidian’ in the title. I can rename it to something like ‘Automated Backups’, which should work in both scenarios, but how can I guarantee that users of the plugin don’t get confused and whatnot? I’m assuming I would have to keep the same plugin ‘id’ (obsidian-dropbox-backups), but hopefully that is okay for everyone.

Interesting challenge.

You could post a one-time in-app notification for the next version or three, telling current users about the change. Better: a dialog box they can acknowledge and dismiss.

I think I’m just going to try a note on the README. The upgrade process was seamless here on desktop and mobile, so it shouldn’t be too scary. If someone is confused the README can inform them further.

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