Rename "remove card" to "delete card" on a canvas

Use case or problem

The menu option to delete things from the canvas has been renamed from “delete” to “remove” in v1.1.1. This makes a lot of sense for notes, since the actual notes are not deleted, just their appearances on the canvas. However, for cards this is misleading, since when you “remove” a card, its content is gone forever.

This can lead to accidental data loss when you remove a card believing it is a note.

Proposed solution

Rename the menu entry to remove a card to “delete card” again. But keep the entry for removing a note to “remove note.”


Makes a lot of sense and it’s good to keep things as clear as possible to avoid accidents.


The difference between “remove” and “delete” should be clear to all UI designers at this point.

An alternative is to change the behavior itself. Don’t delete the card, but put it in a “trash bin” (and likely one that’s scoped to the specific Canvas). I don’t know that this is a decidedly better UX, but it was on my mind when reading the suggestion.