Rename "Open today's note" in hotkey/command pallette to include the word "daily"

If you type daily, you don’t see open today’s note which is inconsistent imo


I was hoping for the same thing, although I would use a different word. I really would like it if we could add a word or two to the filename. I save most of my notes beginning with the date and I rely on “Diary” more than anything to include or exclude from searches.

+1 this tripped me up today, thanks for this post!

Please please do this change. I was about to enter a new request but found this one. It is so annoying to try to remember to type “Daily” or “Today”. All should be under the word Daily:

  • “Open Next Daily Note”
  • “Open Current Daily Note” or “Open Today’s Daily Note”
  • Open Previous Daily Note

This was done in 0.11.7. Will be made public soon

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I saw the change today, awesome, thanks!