Rename, name, or hide transclusion block titles

Use case or problem

I haven’t been able to find another FR for this, but I think transclusions go by a few other names so perhaps my searching simply hasn’t found an already brilliant FR for this.

I would like to be able to rename the header in header-linked transclusions to improve the ‘flow’ of reading my notes. Similarly I would like to be able to entirely hide the header. This could be achieve ergonomically and intuitively using the pipe operator in the transclusion link.

Proposed solution

Allow transclusions linked to headers to rename or hide the header using the pipe operator in the link.

For example:

![[A note#A header|My title]]

Currently renders:

I suggest that it should have My title instead of A header as the title in the transclusion.

Similarly one should be able to hide the title using:

![[A note#A header|]]

Further, block-links (those given by ^link-name) could be given titles using:

![[A note#^a-tag|My title]]

This currently renders as just the block content:

I personally think this would be a great addition to the already powerful transclusion system and fits well with the existing grammar of links and transclusions.


Love it

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Not a complete solution, but I finally figured out a workaround to at least hide the header/title using CSS, which annoyed me the most. I shared it here.

Would also love to see this feature implemented though, using the pipe operator here just makes sense!

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This would add a lot of great readability to transclusions, which are one of Obsidian’s best features.

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