Removing the "more toolbar options" in Settings > Options > Mobile


OS: iPadOS 17.1.2
Obsidian version: 1.4.16 (114)


Hi, I tried searching on the obsidian website using “ remove more toolbar options” and similar searches, but wasn’t able to find quite what I was needed in the help guide or in the forums.

In [Settings > Options > Mobile], there is a heading named “More toolbar options”, under which I personally have a huge list of options to go through: that’s why I prefer typing out the command I want to add in the “Add global command” section.

This would be handy, if it weren’t for the fact that toolbar options already listed under “More toolbar options” don’t appear as search results under the “Add global command” search box.

I would prefer them to instead also appear in the search results, and for the search box to be positioned on top of the “More toolbar options” heading: that way customising my mobile toolbar would become a lot quicker.


I posted this in the ‘Help’ category of the forum as I wanted to rule out any chance of reaching this objective without suggesting new plugin ideas or new features.

Hm, I was going to suggest removing all the commands from that section, but they aren’t removable.

You could probably hide that section with a CSS snippet, but I’d guess there isn’t a way to easily show/hide it — I think you’d be stuck turning the snippet on and off. Altho I think there’s a plugin that lets you control snippets with commands, so that could be a workaround.

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