Remove the title bar but still keep back and forward buttons

I love the clean look of the new interface and the space efficient setting to remove the application main title bar, but doing so also get rid of back and forward buttons that i was using extensively.

Is it possible than when no title bar is selected those buttons could be move to a lower useful location? Or maybe there is no reason for those button to live in the title bar in the first place given their action is related to the opened notes and not application wide.

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I personally map the forward and back actions to hotkeys Cmd-{ and Cmd-} on the Mac, because those are the keys I’m used to from programming code editors, and it works quite well. I hope that helps.

I (used to) use both, buttons and hotkeys.

I also teach Obsidian to new users. The forward and back buttons are important for new users, because they accidentally navigate away from the current page (either by clicking a link, or something else in the interface that changes what page they’re on). Having the buttons is an easy way for them to feel safer that they can get back to what they were just looking at.

I feel it’s important to have forward and back buttons somewhere in the interface (perhaps as an option that can be toggled on or off).

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