Remove the text/link in Markdown mode over the pasted image

Can I remove the link over the pastes images in edit mode? It’s really annoying and nor usefull at all. I know in preview mode it goes away, but I’d like to remove it for all modes.

It is not there when the cursor is moved elsewhere.

This currently is, in my opinion, one of the little frictions in Obsidian. If the first line of a note has markdown formatting, you will be seeing that markdown when you first open the note. The cursor is on the first line when opening a note. If the first line has markdown formatting, the markdown code is displayed. Most of us probably do not continuously switch from read mode to editing mode, and around, so probably are most of the time in editing mode.

A work-around is to add an empty line on top, but the trade off is that then, you may be bothered by some extra white space on top of the note.

Another workaround is to make sure you are always in view mode (there is an option for that), but then you eventually need to switch to editing mode for applying changes. This can work rather well because the viewport remains on the same part of the note when you switch to editing mode and back.

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Thanks a lot. I will submit it in the features request sub.


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