Remove formatting on data imported from Scrivener

What I’m trying to do

I created a sync folder on desktop from Scrivner and then opened that file as a new vault in Obsidian. Some of the documents in Scrivner were imported from Google Docs and others were created in Scrivner. Is there a way to strip away the formatting?

Things I have tried

I tried copying and pasting the content into a new page in Obsidian, thinking that I would but it pasted it in just the same. I also tried shift+option+command+v (Mac) on paste but that did not remove the formatting either. I searched the forum for “remove formatting for imported document” but did not see a post addressing this issue.
I am also brand new to Obsidian and have no previous experience with coding or coding and markup language, so I am learning as I go.

Instead of using a sync folder, export:

File > Export > Files…
Select Export text files as: MultiMarkdown (.md)
Under options, I select:
X Number exported files
X Append “.md” extension
X Convert rich text to MultiMarkdown

Thank you. Your directive worked and allowed me to not only export the text in markdown, but also the PDFs that didn’t show up in Obsidian when I was using the sync folder as my input source. Much appreciation.

Also just discovered your web post on writing a novel in Scrivener. Very helpful info. Thanks for being so sharing and helpful around the backend side of things! Writing a novel in Markdown -

Happy to help!

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