Remove colon from citekeys with CLI tools

When I started using Biblatex, I used a colon (:) in my citekeys (e.g. @Name:2020), but now I decided to remove it from all citekeys in order to ensure compatibility with the Citations plugin for Obsidian. I already changed it in the actual .bib-file, but I entered citekeys with the colon in my Obsidian notes. Now I would like to remove the colons in all citekeys in my markdown files using the command line. Maybe some of you could help me.

I have either [@Name:YYYY] or [@Name:Word] citekeys, mostly with page numbers and sometimes with a “Cf.” (in German: “Vgl.”): [Vgl. @Name:YYYY, 22] or [@Name:Word 30--40].

Maybe there is some possibility to match this structure and delete the colon with a command line tool like grep, sed etc. @tallguyjenks maybe? :sweat_smile:

Thanks! :slight_smile: