Remote Vault lost password

I reformatted my windows 11 computer and reinstalled Obsidian but when trying to connect to the remote vault with Obsidian Sync, it is not accepting the password as i remember it.

After reading some help in the forum, I’m still nervous and not sure how to proceed to fix this as i don’t want to risk losing my work.

The good news is that on my iphone I still have access to all my notes in the mobile app.

However, i am not sure what i need to do on the desktop, in order to get these files on my local windows obsidian installation.

Pls let me know how I can do this.

Well first of all, just a reminder that the passwords for your Obsidian account ( website and inside the app to connect your account), this forum, and any Obsidian Sync vault you create are all separate from each other.

So if you’re trying to use your Obsidian account password to access your vault, it may not be the same. (If it is, it’s just a coincidence.)

Other than that, I am not sure what the best procedure would be except what the help says. But if you can find a way to copy/backup your iPhone vault, maybe you should try that before anything else. Then if your password is lost forever, you might have to reconnect your phone to a new sync vault, with a new password.

And please excuse some preachy advice: Sync tools are not quite the same as a backup. So next time you wipe your computer, definitely consider making full backups of your data. Having a synced copy somewhere is better than nothing of course!

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I’m not understanding these steps…I don’t see how i can make a vault backup from my iphone.

The iphone is the ONLY place where where i can see my nearly 6000 notes.

How can i make a backup from the mobile obsidian app?

You can make a copy of your vault using the Files app in iOS. Copy & paste On My iPhone/Obsidian/{VAULT} to another location for a backup.

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Thanks, did this and am now back in the game, all is well!

I remember now seeing a warning message several months back in obsidian sync that having my files in OneDrive could cause conflicts. I then moved everything out of OneDrive, but was delinquent in manually backing up. I have learned my lesson in backing up, thanks guys.

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