Reminder plugin bug

After the new changes in the app, my plugin called “reminder” stopped working as it worked. Now I can no longer create new reminders. I want to know if there has been a change in plugin usage, or if this issue is due to the latest changes in the app. Anyway, I ask users for help so I can get back to using the plugin.


I don’t know the plugin and I can’t give any direct advice about it.

My general advice is this: the last Obsidian updates (with the new “Live Preview”) are a big step forward but with many issues to polish. We can imagine that if the app is not yet stable in new features, the plugins much less. Both things need time.

So, if you want to work with things as usual (more than use the new obsidian features), go to Settings > Editor and enable “Use legacy editor”. Restart the app and try your plugin.

Boas Festas

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thank you, bro

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