Reminder in Obsidian?

Sounds Still have no Reminder in Obsidian ?

Well. if there’s no native reminders,

Is it possible sync todo task to Win 10 or MacOS system reminder ?

if mobile version of Obsidian, is it possible use mobile system calendar for reminder ?

Whatever 3rd Todo app, if it’s reminder feature is free, we can use them.

but Todoist of reminder feature is Pro version, not free.

such as Sync task in obsidian to Google calendar reminder, Apple reminder, or others.

The sync task things just for reminder, sync task name and task time are enough for reminder. right ?

I don’t need professional todo app, for my workflow, Obsidian only lack of one feature : reminder.

Currently I 'm using Microsoft Todo, but I just want use one app .

I want make a todo in Obsidian, bcz the task title can use backlink [[]], quickly switch to todo note.

If Obsidian have REMINDER, I don’t need Todoist,, Microsoft ToDo, Google Keep, Remember Milk,TickTick, and more 3rd Todo apps.

That’s why I request REMINDER feature in Obsidian.

Thanks Obsidian plugin developer.


Day Planner plugin have notification.



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Check out the reminder plugin, I replaced all my task management apps with obsidian thanks to it.

But it hasn’t mobile notification feature unfortunately.

There is a feature request for this, and licat is considering implementing the feature into mobile.

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