Remember scroll position

when working with several notes and changing back and forth, i repeatedly have to scroll to the position in a certain note when coming back to it.
it would be great if, within a session or permanently, obsidian could remember the position i scrolled to, within each note.


The Remember cursor position plugin does exactly that.


I would prefer remembering scroll position over remembering cursor position. While they are similar, remembering cursor position makes it so when you click into a pane, the cursor moves back to exactly where it was, overriding where you clicked and making you have to click again to get the cursor where you intended. Suprisingly annoying. If it was only scroll position that was retained, this would be a non-issue. I think.


maybe this will be the right one for you: obsidian://show-plugin?id=obsidian-remember-file-state


When I’m at the bottom of a note in reading view and I change to edit, the scroll returns to the top of the page… quite uncomfortable when you have a very long note and you have to scroll to the bottom again.

I propose that when changing from reading to edit mode, the page is at the same point as before changing…

(sorry for my english, today quite complicated :sweat_smile:)

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