Remember position in Community Plugins browse list on iOS

Use case or problem

When scrolling through the list of Community Plugins, if the user taps on a plugin in the list to visit the plugin page, and then uses the back button to return to the list, they are returned to the top of the list making it tedious to return to the position of the item they were just looking at so they can continue viewing the rest of the plugins.

Proposed solution

Obsidian should remember the scrolling position of the list when a user taps on a plugin. When the user taps the back arrow, Obsidian should load the list at the remembered position. The desktop version effectively works this way because the list remains visible

Related feature requests (optional)

Please add a back button to the top of the plugin browser window. Right now, the user has to know to tap above the window to close it and return to the Community Plugin Options window.