Remember edit or preview mode seperately for each file (instead of per pane)


I am sorry for that very vague title, but my concern is the following, say that I have three markdown files named Lec1, Lec2 and Lec3. Lec1 and Lec2 are my final notes and Lec3 I am still editing. So, I would want to see Lec1 and Lec2 in preview mode always that is the markdown preview. and Lec3 which I am editing, in edit mode.
Currently, if I change Lec3 from edit mode to preview mode all of them got the preview mode that is all the files are in the same mode. Is there a way to tell obsidian to lock preview mode for Lec1 until I change it to edit mode?

Thank you.

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This shouldn’t happen, each file can be changed edit<–> preview individually. How are you switching to preview mode?

Mine is the same as @SphericalCow

I can toggle edit/preview for a panel, but it stays on that mode as I switch notes.

If I understand correctly, @SphericalCow is suggesting that the toggle should be remembered per note rather than per panel.

However, could this cause an issue when having a split view of the same note in edit and preview?

Got it, that is indeed different to what I was suggesting. Edited the title to reflect that.

There is now a force view mode plugin which allows setting the mode via frontmatter. But this is cumbersome. I still think it would be best if, as suggested, Obsidian would remember the view mode (preview/edit mode) per page. This could be stored either somewhere in the .obsidian folder, the cache or in the frontmatter (but automatically).

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