"Reloading App without saving" Should just save the files first

Use case or problem

As the name suggests, the “Reload app without saving” command reloads the entire vault without autosaving the files, meaning changes made before running the command may get lost, and I’ve noticed that happen.

Proposed solution

The command should just be called “Reload app” and save the files first since it takes very little time anyway and should be instant.

Current workaround (optional)

I have a plugin macro with the commander plugin to save the current first then reload. Macros can also be created with Better Command Palette.

I’m not arguing against the request, but Obsidian auto saves every few seconds so the window for data loss is already pretty small.

I don’t know, but I imagine that command title “without saving” is a warning, so that you know if you reload the app it won’t save. Not a missing aspect of what the command ought to do.

And I think it would be for times when you need to try to reload for a specific reason. Which might include if things aren’t operating properly and you need to interrupt it. Assuming Obsidian can just continue to do operations before reloading, might not be realistic.

Why? Can you share some context for what you are doing? In what circumstances are you reloading the app?

I guess it’s the same result ultimately. But I think this request should rather be: Include a “Save Then Reload” command, rather than changing what already exists.

Its not a big deal, saving before reloading would be nice to have.