Relax/starch function in graph view

Just like relaxing, or smoothing/averaging positions between connected vertices in 3d modeling software, this function would assist in untangling knots.

For example, when you have more than 3 nodes linked in a circular way (a-b, b-c, c-d, and d-a), you are not promised they will graph in a regular polygon. In my experience, it is quite the opposite.

This function could begin to smooth and average node positions, easing tension, until the desired logically arranged polygonal link chains are achieved, at which point you could halt the relaxation.

In order to avoid infringing on another separate feature request which I am sure exists (some sort of multi node selection in graph view), I would stick to a global relax function, although, honestly it might be better to use on isolated nodes.

This feature could be used inversely to good effect, essentially starching nodes so that they can resist relaxation, and maintain some positional inertia. Just a thought, or really, a dream. Thank you very much!


I have been experimenting more with the graph view, and it appears the current version does in fact have a relax capability.

I find that clicking and dragging a high level node begins the relax process. Continuing to hold down the mouse button allows for more iterations to run.

Unfortunately, without a refresh button that allows the layout to remember node positions, this function is somewhat cumbersome, but still definitely useful. I just wanted to mention this for anyone else who is having trouble with tangled graphs.

I attached a before and after of the results from a quick 20 second relax on one node. It can be further improved by repeating process on other high level nodes.

My graph is still in early stages without connections between clusters. I have not experimented with what will happen as the whole graph is very interconnected but am guessing the results will be comparable, based on the observed behavior during the relaxing process.