Relative paths to attachments?


I’ve imported a notes folder from Joplin, to play around and see whether I get to like Obsidian.

When I look at my imported notes, all the attachments are broken. Joplin saves them in a “_resources” folder, two levels up. I prefer this system, having all attachments in their own dedicated folder.

However, I can’t get relative paths to work. For example:
…displays nothing.

And if I start typing the path in the editor, although it autocompletes, it still fails to display it.

I’ve found other forum entries dealing with this, and they all recommend absolute paths. That wouldn’t suit my needs, because I want my vault to be usable outside of a single computer. If I open it on an iPad, the absolute path will be different.

Can Obsidian deal with relative paths? If it does, what do I need to do to make it work?

Thanks, and apologies is this has already been resolved, but I’ve found previous discussions, but no certain answers.
I have looked on other forum entries, but haven’t found a consistent answer.

What I’m trying to do

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