Relative paths inside wikilinks pointing outside to the vault not working anymore

Hello, I’m currently using v0.13.33, in Ubuntu LTS.

For the last years, I’m using this configuration:
Inside my vault, store only markdown files.
Figures need to be stored at directory outside vault.
And I use: ![[…/Archive/Document Assets/2020/graficodebolhas.png]]
Always when I need to add a figure.
BUT… yesterday I need to make a fresh install of OS in my PC, and right now, Obsidian is ONLY recognizing this wikilinks IF I choose the parent folder as vault (in case, the “…” folder).

So, RE-explaining: wikilinks with relative path pointing OUTSIDE vault used to work perfect (ALWAYS) this way:
![[…/Archive/Document Assets/2020/graficodebolhas.png]]

But since today, they only work if I choose “parent” folder as vault, as Wikilinks suddenly stopped to work outside to the vault after my change…

Can you help me with that?

I don’t recall we ever supporting that. If it was working as you say, it was a bug.

Attachments need to be in the vault or if outside the vault you need to use standard markdown links and the file:/// format.