Relative paths in desktop shortcut URIs

Use case or problem

I want to create notes for a source-controlled project using Obsidian and include a “.lnk” file as part of the project source, but the only uri schemes supported depend on either the name, the Id, or the absolute path to the vault. Since I have multiple projects I’d like to document in this way, using the name won’t work since the folder/vault will just be called “Notes” in each case. The Id won’t work either since I believe it would be randomly generated for each user that opens the vault, right? And finally, the absolute path won’t work because I can’t control where collaborators keep their stuff.

Proposed solution

If the Path parameter in an obsidian:// link could be relative to the shortcut’s location, then the path could be as simple as “.” meaning to open the folder the shortcut is in, or “./notes” to open the notes folder in the folder where the shortcut is.

If this is not technically possible, could an alternative be implemented? Perhaps a custom file type like “omd” that could be associated with Obsidian?

Current workaround (optional)

Only one vault can be called “Notes” or collaborators have to pay close attention to the path when choosing a vault to open.

Related feature requests (optional)