Relational databases?

I wasn’t sure if it should go as feature request or plugin ideas. I’m currently a Notion user primarily due to their implementation of relational databases, which makes it handy to convert everything into objects (like people, gift ideas, permalink etc.) and reference one another. Custom views for those is another great plus. The ability to form SQL-like queries as filters would be amazing.

Is that something that is considered for Obsidian?
I have to say the privacy-oriented approach along using open source, stable technologies, it all sounds captivating and databases could tip the scale towards this app for me.



I’m not sure what the roadmap is but I sincerely hope this doesn’t happen. Obsidian’s strength is its speed and how it’s all about getting the thoughts committed to the app and then related.

Notion is cumbersome and all I read about are templates and dashboards :slight_smile:

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This is unlikely to happen in the core app. Perhaps somebody can implement some database-like functionality in a third-party plugin or build a bridge to a third-party app.

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