Regex search with flags

According to this documentation, Obsidian uses the Javascript flavor of regex, however, the Js regex flags doesn’t seem to work.

How can we utilize regex flag in Obsidian?

Things I have tried

I’ve tried searching using the Javascript regex flag syntax as such /abcd/i to search for any case of “abcd”, but it doesn’t work.

Instead, Obsidian searches “abcd” using regex and also searches for “i” using regular search.

What I’m trying to do

I’m trying to search in Obsidian using regex flags (i.e. ignore case).

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I don’t have an answer about the flags, but to ignore case there’s a toggle above the search box.

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@CawlinTeffid Thanks. I realize I can do that but am searching for a method that would allow me to leverage regex more.

Embarrassingly, it took me a good 10min to figure out where that button is…

The regex plugins …

Regex Find/Replace


Regex Search & Replace

both have options to enable case-insensitive mode.

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