Regarding the issue of quickly jumping to the end of a page to continue editing a document.

There is no suitable method to quickly jump to the end of a document in Obsidian on both mobile and desktop platforms. I am aware that on the desktop platform, you can use Ctrl+Home/End to navigate to the end, but is there a better way to automatically start at the end of the document when opening the software for easier editing?

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Maybe you can drag the scroll bar on the right

There isn’t a setting for it. Have you searched the plugin store?

You can put a block ID at the end of the note and link to that. I do that for a couple of notes that I use every day, tho I think it’s not what you’re looking for.

Also not what you’re looking for, but: On mobile the equivalent of the hotkeys you mention is the command “Go to last line”. If it doesn’t already have a button on the mobile toolbar you can add it at Settings > Mobile.

Just switched to Obsidian and this is the first thing I’ve missed (but still very impressed as a whole). I’m used to be placed at the end of the note I open which works great on, for example, my very long “random brain dump” note. Would be nice to have the possibility to set something like “start at the end”.

The workaround with a link is doable so I’ll try that for my superlong notes but yeah, a setting would be nice to automatically start at the end :grinning: