Regarding the issue of quickly jumping to the end of a page to continue editing a document.

There is no suitable method to quickly jump to the end of a document in Obsidian on both mobile and desktop platforms. I am aware that on the desktop platform, you can use Ctrl+Home/End to navigate to the end, but is there a better way to automatically start at the end of the document when opening the software for easier editing?

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Maybe you can drag the scroll bar on the right

There isn’t a setting for it. Have you searched the plugin store?

You can put a block ID at the end of the note and link to that. I do that for a couple of notes that I use every day, tho I think it’s not what you’re looking for.

Also not what you’re looking for, but: On mobile the equivalent of the hotkeys you mention is the command “Go to last line”. If it doesn’t already have a button on the mobile toolbar you can add it at Settings > Mobile.