Referring Fantasy Calendar dates in Templater

Things I have tried

  1. Searched these forums using the following keywords:
    templater, date, from, custom, calendar, fantasy
  2. Searched the internet via google using the same keywords
  3. Looked through the documentation for both Templater and Fantasy Calendar

What I’m trying to do

I’m trying to create a template using Templater that can display both the current date from the real world calendar (using <% %>, easy enough!), as well as the ‘current date’ from my Fantasy Calendar.
I’ve found that the FC plugin stores the ‘current date’ in the data.json file located in vault/.obsidian/plugins/fantasy-calendar.

Perhaps this file could be found using <% tp.file %> in some way I can’t grasp? Maybe there are some methods in FC I can’t find?
I don’t fully understand the scope of the “Trigger Templater on new file creation”-option in Templater Settings - perhaps this could be used to catch some event related to FC?

Any and all help is appreciated! I’m very new to this, but learning every day :slight_smile:

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