Reference math equations in a less painful way?

What I’m trying to do

Currently Obsidian doesn’t support referencing math equations using \lable{xxx} inside math environments. Although you can put \tag{#} as a manual workaround, but this would be painful if you need to renumber some equations in a large document.

I also want to be able to jump to the corresponding place of the referenced equation when I click the reference, like when you click \ref{eq:x} you can jump to \label{eq:x} in a compiled latex pdf. I understand that’s not likely to happen in markdown, but is there any alternative way to do it? Like place an anchor near the equation and reference the anchor instead.

Things I have tried

I have the standard Mathjax way to reference equations but found that is not possible in the current Obsidian version. I try to put something like ######(number of equation) near the equations and reference them later but found that does’t look nice.

Adding a manual block ID after the MathJax block might allow you to use a block link:


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