Reference Generator Plugin

Reference Generator Plugin

Hi everyone,

My Reference Generator plugin was just released. It allows you to quickly select all your links in Obsidian and generate a bibliography in any style.

I created this because while I was studying, I was having trouble copy and pasting links into a generator online. I found it really tedious and just wished I could do it all in Obsidian.

My plugin offers:

  • Generating references for multiple links in one selection
  • Over 2000 styles to choose from
  • A variety of customisation and settings

Generating a reference


Generating multiple references


Select any style

Choosing a default for every citation instead of selecting is possible


More documentation can be found on the GitHub below:

Thank you!

I hope this proves useful to some people. While it may not be as extensive as other tools, for people who just need a quick and easy reference, this plugin helps a lot.