Reference do not work

References do not work in the following code.


- [1. Regulární Výrazy](#1)
  - [1.1 Úvod](#1-1)
    - [1.1.1 Co jsou regulární výrazy a proč jsou důležité?](#1-1-1)
    - [1.1.2 Malá ilustrace: Hádanka se slovy](#1-1-2)

# 1. Regulární Výrazy <a name="1"></a>

## 1.1 Úvod <a name="1-1"></a>
### 1.1.1 Co jsou regulární výrazy a proč jsou důležité? <a name="1-1-1"></a>
### 1.1.2 Malá ilustrace: Hádanka se slovy <a name="1-1-2"></a>


This is a bug, because it works in strict CommonMark.

Here you can try how it works, an example with the CommonMark Strict option set. Obsidian seems to have a problem with documents that are CommonMark strict and don’t use any extensions.

CommonMark Strict Test

As for the CommonMark Spec , there are links specified in ch. 6.2, for example as


The URI itself is specified in the RFC3986 standard, and cross-references are specified in Section 4.4 Same-Document Reference.