Reduce the number of clicks required to edit a card in Canvas

Currently, if I have a card in Canvas, focus is on nothing, and I want to edit a card, this is the sequence of things that happen:

  1. I click on a card, and the card is highlighted
  2. I click on a card again, and now it enters edit mode but the cursor is at the start of the card
  3. So, I have to click one more time, and now the cursor is at the position I want.
  4. Except that if I want to edit the LaTex formula (within $ and $, using the Quick Latex plugin), then this click on step #3 highlights the whole LaTex formula instead of ending up in the position at which I clicked. So now I have to make a 4-th click just to get the cursor in the right position in the LaTex formula.

This is very annoying especially if I’m taking notes, and writing the LaTex formula and I want to see what it’ll look like. I have to unfocus and refocus the LaTex formula edit mode to see how it is rendered.


#3 could probably classify as a bug (or annoyance) and should be just fixed to automatically make the cursor position in the text at the location I clicked. There is never a case where I need a cursor at the beginning of the text when the card is not empty.

For #2, I suggest adding some kind of option in settings to automatically make the card enter edit mode as soon as it is tapped the first time. If I’ll want to drag the card, I’ll just unfocus the card, and then drag the card without clicking on it. I don’t see any good reason for me to need to select the card without having edit mode enabled on it. If I wanted to delete it or change the color of it, I can see the Delete or Set Color button in the edit mode as well.

For #4 also there could be some kind of settings in the plugin. I don’t really need the whole LaTex formula selected when I click on it. If I click on the formula, most often I want to edit it, not delete it, so it would make sense if the cursor position was set according to what I clicked in the rendered LaTex mode.

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Double click opens card in edit mode

Not ergonomic enough.

I wish there was a way to enter into a LaTex formula edit mode on Canvas card, with the cursor precisely at the right position, in just 1 mouse click. That would be the best possible scenario.

Then I can write a bit, unfocus the card, see how it renders, then tap again, write something more, it’d be so easy.

I think we just need hotkey options. Regular click selects the card. Something like Cmd/Ctrl + click = go into edit mode.

Very easy to save time and speed up your workflow this way.

Then we can also expand the hotkeys to include functions like auto-resizing cards to fit content (with Option/Alt + click for example), … Would love that.

Yeah, auto-resize the height of the card should be some kind of an option on a card.

Hotkeys like you say could be an interesting approach and it would allow customization. So it would be an unopinionated solution because people could adjust them like they want.

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