Red source code after pressing tab won't go away

Quick question! Whenever I hit tab it adds red source code after the indent if there is nothing above it, but if there is text above it I can indent normally? I’ve tried playing around with the setting and looked at a bunch of webpages but I can’t figure it out! I’ve been watching youtube videos and the people teaching it don’t seem to have an issue with indenting which I don’t understand! Would anyone here be able to help me?

Text indented with a tab is treated as a code block.

This is standard for markdown.


Even your suggestion to indent after a line only shows the indent in Editing Mode, but if you switch to Preview Mode there is no indent.

This is a common question, and there is no simple answer. If you want the text to be indented in Preview Mode and you don’t mind lots of mess in Editing Mode, then you can force the addition of spaces like the following:

Editing Mode

Preview Mode

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