Recovery images


I’ve recently set up my Sync between a desktop (Ubuntu 20.10, also use Dropbox for backing up my vault) and mobile (Android 11).

These are the steps I’ve done:

  • Added a JPG image from mobile.
  • Accidentally removed the image from mobile.
  • On both desktop or mobile, if I to “Sync > View deleted files” I see the image is there:

  • When I click the first version (bottom-most tab in the left) what happens is that Obsidian freezes for a while until it’s able to show this:

Doing these steps from the desktop I’m able to restore the image and it works ― the freeze is not ideal, though. From mobile, it took so long that I wasn’t able to get to the screen to restore the original version.

Let me know if it’s helpful to provide more details.

what’s the extention of this image?

Ah, forgot to add that! It’s JPG. Added to the question as well.

will be fixed 0.12.1

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