Recovering note content after zotero integration triggered note with the same name

Hi! Newbie here with very little knowledge so please bear with me - I have just started using zotero integration. Before, I created literature notes manually, naming them by what has now become my {{citekey}}. In Zotero integration, my output path is now Literature/{{citekey}}.md, which, in my understanding, is triggering a note of the same name as some of my exisitng literature notes.

What I’m trying to do

  1. I would like to recover the contents of the note of the same name, which I have overridden by triggering a template in using zotero integration.
  2. Making sure that new notes can’t override existing ones with the same name (but this is second order of importance right now)

Things I have tried

ctrl+Z, which doesn’t work for creating or changing note names
Checking my local trash, which most help info I could find recommended. The issue is I didn’t actually delete it, only the content was changed.

I hope this made sense, thanks a lot for your help!

I don’t use Zotero integration with Obsidian so I can’t help on that front, but for No. 1: if you look in Obsidian’s Settings -> File Recovery, you can view previous versions of notes using note snapshots. Type the name of the note(s) in there, and hopefully there will be a good version.

If you have any other backups (Time Machine, backups to an external drive, if your vault is in Google Drive, etc.), you could try looking there as well for previous copies.


Thanks! That actually worked to recover the note at least, I had overlooked this in the settings before!
I guess the second point is also not zotero integration specific, I just don’t know other contexts where automatic note creations might be triggered in this way. By default obsidian doesn’t usually allow for a note of the same name to be created.

I’d try to avoid it, but you can definitely create notes of the same name if they are in different folders. I’m not sure what the Zotero plugin is doing, but maybe check the path/folder it’s set to?

Screenshot 2023-08-29 at 18.29.46

As for backups, now is a great time to set something up, manual or automatic.

Even if it’s a manual copy & paste of your vault to external disk once a week; copy & paste your vault somewhere and name it MyAwesomeVault-2023-08-29 (or whatever). It’s better than nothing.

Yes I definitely want to avoid notes of the same name. I guess that’s the problem - I actually set the plugin to create a new note titled by the citationkey (eg. author_2020) in the same Literature folder containing notes of the same name. I’d like to keep it that way in order to replace my old system by the new but I guess I can just create a separate folder and manually copy the old lit notes into the new template.

Noted re backup! Thank you!

Happened to me before.
It’s good to make habits of keeping temporary copies by renaming files by adding an underscore or something before triggering and keep the File Recovery core plugin among the activated plugins.

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