Recovering All-In-One-aholic 🍸

Like alcoholics, we PKMers sometimes choose to overindulge in activities that are harmful.

One of those is trying to force into our so-called workflows all-in-one solutions—like PDF-readers/linkers/annotations/study “solutions” like MarginNote and LiquidText. What exactly is the problem the assumed solution (like alcohol) is assuaging—that’s unclear.

This is a post of encouragement to fellow addicts in hiding. I want you to see a better life without your PKM dopamine-riddled vices. There is no single solution that can provide you with everything you need. Only you can paint that picture. Obsidian is your canvas.

That means you need to hand-select an array of tools that enable the work you actually do (not fantasize about). Really—what do you do? More specifically, choosing what features they provide that you need is real work. Further, that means mapping your work, IDing gaps, then finding those solutions to defined problems.

Obsidian is a platform, a community, that allows for the modularity to do such IDing and growing. Your road to recovery!

I have never witnessed such giving and brilliant people at once (usually one or the other).

Interact, come to the meetings, take the 12 steps, and find a better life. “Hi, I’m Matty, I used to be an addict”.

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