Recognize Tags in Filenames

Use case or problem

I manage all my records, every incoming and outgoing letter, in Evernote and would like to switch to Obsidian. In Evernote, each PDF is a note and I assign tags like “health” with associated persons and other tags.

To map this in Obsidian, each PDF would need to have an associated sidecar with metadata. With 30000 notes, 20000 of which are PDFs, this is not practical.

The fact is that 98% of the PDFs are not used for any further work, but are simply filed away.

Proposed solution

If Obsidian would accept tags in the filename along with autocompletion, all the PDFs that are only filed would not need a sidecar markdown file with metadata, since the tags are already included in the filename itself. This would make Obsidian a real dumping ground for managing correspondence.

I scan 30 letters a day, and they need to be filed quickly. No time to create sidecars with metadata.
With the solution to support tags in the file name, the fast filing of the PDFs in the Vault would be possible: just assign a fixed file name and put it into the Vault and all links including the GraphView would already be there.

Current workaround (optional)

Sidecar markdown per PDF. But I didn’t keep this up for three days for testing: not practical.