Recognize ^1 inside links

When I make a simple footnote, it doesn’t prompt me with the meaning of it. But if this “^1” were recognized inside a link, it would change things. Let me try to show it as an example:

On edit mode, I’d write:

This is a test[[Feature request|^1]]

On preview mode, it would show me:

This is a test¹

But when I hovered over the ¹, it would prompt me the preview of the “Feature request” page

Isn’t that great?

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this is something you can already achieve using markdowns ability to include HTML tags.

This is a test<sup>[[Feature request|1]]</sup>

This should do the trick.

Great! I wasn’t aware of that, I thought the HTML for it would be a bit more complicated

I was using keyboard keys, but it was limited to the first 3 numbers ¹²³.

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