Recently spotted multiple bugs, iPadOS 16

  1. Whenever I press Cmd+W to close tabs, it closes Obsidian entirely.

  2. If i use control+mouseclick or in my case touching the pad with two fingers, it shows me this new function that says „scan, search web“ stuff which covers the action pane when choosing a folder for example. It overlaps to much, that I can’t choose „move file to“ or „rename folder“.

  3. Can‘t change vaults at the moment and I don’t know why (I wanted to screenshot what I mean above, but couldn’t do it in a testvault). It instantly reloads the current one, without showing me the overview.

  4. Since the new Obsidian version, numbered lists are displayed as bullet points in reading view. I tested it in a completely new vault without plugins and it happened there as well (before I couldn’t switch vaults anymore)

One bug per post, in the mobile section and search before posting.