Recent and saved filters for nodes in graph view

I’d propose a history for recent filters used in the graph view and a way to save them to your vault (in case you have a lot)

Use case or problem

If you frequently run a lot of filters from the graph view, you don’t want to type them again everything (in case of some complex filters logic) or don’t want to store them in a file to copy-paste them every time you need them.
A history with the most recent queries (like it’s done for the notes search panel)

Proposed solution

history + saved filters like proposed above

Current workaround (optional)

have a note with the queries to copy-paste them when needed


I also would like this. I think the ability to see the saved queries for the graph would make things easier for people who have a good workflow for working on developing ideas, such as tagging out certain statuses of note.

Another current workaround is to go to the history in the search bar and look at the wording there.