Reason for changing link format from [[<topic>]] to [<topic>](

Hi, I tried searching for a reason/answer for the following question I had,
but could not find any.

When starting to type " [[ " to auto-complete a link, earlier, it used to auto complete to
[[<topic>]], but now I see that it auto completes to [<topic>](
Why has it changed from the [[ ]] format to a path/link format?

I’m sure I’ve missed something somewhere, so if someone could shed some light on why
this change has been made to Obsidian, I’d be grateful, and may also help someone else.

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Edited to add [<topic>](

You can change it in setting-file:

I prefer to use the relative path because it is more compatible to other softwares.

Thanks for replying. However, it doesn’t answer my question.
Also, I tried all of the above three options Shortest.., Relative..., and Absolute...
and none of those three brought back this notation [[<topic>]]
instead of the current [<topic>](

@colonialthunder Try checking the ‘standard markdown links’ setting :


@Pseudonium Great. That worked, and now I see that the “reason” is basically “addition of Markdown links instead of Wikilinks”.

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